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Large no of children in our society cannot even afford basic education. Gursikh Education aims that every child should be in school and get quality education. Under this scheme needy students are sponsored for their basic education i.e. up to class 12th. At present GES is funding the basic education of about 300 needy children studying in various schools of Dehradun and nearby areas. Many more applications are pending in need of funds.

Children are supported by individual sponsors and generous donors. We also rely on general donations to provide additional facilities like books stationary, school uniform ,tuition fees , transportation , etc .

So please join hands with GES to give these children their basic right to education

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Announcements are made at various Gurdwaras in the city, gurpurab functions and other Samagams (specially in economically weaker section areas), where by it is announced that any student willing to study but facing financial problems in their education, or parents willing to admit their child in good English medium schools but are unable to do so due to poor financial status may give in their application at GES office.

1. Once the Application is received it is put in the Pending Application File.
2. Following documents need to be attached with the Application.

  • Handwritten application from the parent/child, in detail mentioning the family structure, earning members, family’s monthly income, students/children in the family, and other financial burden for eg: any loan or a sick member in the family, etc.
  • D.O.B certificate of the student.
  • Passport size photo of the child.
  • Ration Card/Voter ID of parent/guardian

2. After the receipt of application, a team from GES visits the house to assess the genuineness of the case. Enquiries are made from the neighbors, nearby gurdwara, or some local person.

3. If the family is found to be really needy and genuine, the student is adopted and put to a good school depending on his previous education. The process of admissions is carried out in April and May before the beginning of Summer Vacations.

4. The school fees of the student, books and stationery, dresses, etc. is paid by the society, depending from case to case. The fee is paid directly to the school by cheque and similarly other payments are made through cheque. No payment from society a/c is made in Cash.

Note: Parents are asked to contribute at least 10% or more of the sponsored amount so that a sense of responsibility prevails among parents.

5. Each student is required to pass annual exam with minimum 50% marks for continuation of sponsorship.

6. Special classes are held during the summer and winter vacations to teach the children Punjabi and Path in the gurdwaras of their own areas.

7. Follow up of Half yearly and Final year Results are assessed in our Office. 

President Message

At a seminar commemorating 300 years of the guruship to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji in 2008 a girl said “ I ponder as to the massive kirtandarbars being held , stalls providing a variety of dishes , spending heavy amounts on nagarkirtan across the country etc .To me this is essential, but is this true homage to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji? On searching for the answer in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji itself the reply was no, anything done for selfish motives is not true homage .

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